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Located in Camano Island, Cristy's Lumpia is the perfect catering service for your event, no matter the occasion.

A family-owned and operated catering service, Cristy's Lumpia and More is dedicated to sharing our love for Filipino food, as well as catering to the tastes of many different cultures through the offering of a variety of cuisines.

Cristy's Lumpia and More is the culmination of a lifelong dream of Chef Cristy McFall, a dream in the making since her immigration to the United States. So whether you've got a birthday celebration, a grad party, a wedding, or a big family reunion planned, trust us to satisfy the hunger of your guests! We work hard to prepare the food so you don't have to.

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Cristy & Jim catered our post-polar-plunge marriage celebration. Our guests needed hot, soul-warming food & drink FAST. Cristy’s Lumpia delivered as promised with guests lining up again and again to fill their plates! We ordered enough food to feed 100! We only had sandwich baggie sizes of each dish left after the party! Move over Indian & Vietnamese cuisine! Bring the Philippines to your next gathering....even if, like me, you’re brand new to the cuisine. Selecting your line-up of Filipino dishes is a snap with their helpful guidance & taste-inspired menu. Plan to be happy and satiated! Thank you Jim, Cristy and sons.
— Dena R.
I recently ordered a dozen each of the pork, chicken and vegetable Lumpia and all 3 were delicious! We had friends visiting from out of state and they agreed that these were the most delicious lumpia they had eaten in a very long time. We will definitely be ordering more in the future. Thank you Cristy and family for making such an amazing dish!
— Shelly C.

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the mcfall family




Born and raised in the Philippines, Cristy uses her considerable skills to make wonderful culinary creations that blend the lessons learned from the epicenter of Filipino food and various cuisines she has learned to perfect over the years. Having to learn how to satisfy a demanding and picky family helps, too.




Husband to Cristy, Jim retired from his previous career to help start Cristy's Lumpia & More! from the ground up. He is a loving husband and father who will use his past experience to make Cristy's Lumpia as popular as can be! 



Responsible for the marketing efforts of Cristy's Lumpia & More! Nod is the first son of Cristy and James. He has a love for design and advertising and is currently studying Advertising at the Washington State University.




A baker-in-training and lemonade. Matthew does all he can to help his family. Whether that's helping to serve food at one of our pop-up restaurants or helping Mom bake, Matthew does all he can to help us succeed!

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